S T E P H E N   F E R R E

4 Meditations

A Drop of Rain (23/11/89)

A grain of sand on the great beach
Meets wonderful friends as the wind blows.
A drop of rain bonds them together for a lifetime.

As the sun dries the water,
The grains depart to meet again
When the rain returns.


Words Unspoken (15/11/1989)

Drawn to the bank of the stream,
Words unspoken
Bid me to cross;

The warm moon,
The cool, soft current,

The mist of a nearby waterfall
Obscures all but a silhouette
On the other side,

Touch the water,
Thought that touches;


Diamonds in Emerald Moss (20/12/1989)

Crystal droplets,
Diamonds in emerald moss,
A silvery veil touches the boundless pool, pure.
Spring rains overflowing,
Thunder then now calm.


A Mirror of the Past (5/1/1990)

Clouds below rise to greet me
Uncovering neighbourly peaks.
Myself, I see across the valley.
A mirror of the past? Or future?

A waterfall next to me
Rejuvenates flowers below with new-fallen rain.
Fragile tundra sips virgin air.

A soft touch on my shoulder,
A familiar caress: Not Alone.
My companion peers at infinity with me.
We face the future together.