S T E P H E N   F E R R E


Winter (2002)

White flakes falling
Knee-deep in the back yard.

Leafless, longing
For their summer fashion.

Slipping, sliding,
Glistening in the sun on branches.

Remembered now;
Family visited with freshly knitted sweaters.


At the ends of a double rainbow (2002)

At the ends of a double rainbow
Hopes are revealed,
Dreams realized.
Eternal spring with sun and showers
Brings forth everlasting youth.

Pots of gold can’t compete
With friendship
Or love. 
Myriads of colors exploding
From fields of green.


Remembering the Night Sky (2001)

Remembering the night sky,
Flashes of the past storm still on the horizon;
The sea, charged, yet unmoved,
Still boils, but remains unchanged.

The eerie calm after the deluge
Appears out of place, temporary.
The sky above, devoid of stars,
Could again unleash its fury at any moment.


A point of Amber Light (1990)

Silver shadows stir the liquid darkness;
Fate turns a blind eye at what might have been.
A point of amber light
Pierces heart, mind, and soul.