S T E P H E N   F E R R E

I am a Stranger

I am a Stranger to this World (26/6/00)

I am a stranger to this world.
Timing and expectancy conflict.
I see parallel universes emanating from significant events.
Oh, to be able to step from one to another.

I am a stranger to this world.
Intuition extinguished “ safety dominates.
Damaged by fate, I press onward seeking answers.
Optimism still triumphs over despair, but strains.

I am a stranger to this world:
Dying within, yet still alive;
Love lost, but still loving and loved;
Whole, yet incomplete.

I am a stranger to this world.
What should be, cannot.
What is ... continues.
What might be, might have been.


My Muse (26/6/00)

My muse has changed me,
And I burn
With a desire to bridge
The chasm between us
With dreams made real.

She makes what was complete
Seem incomplete,
Unfinished, fueling the desire
To complete yet again,
Only to bring back incompletion.

Imperfection brings the desire for perfection,
Yet perfection generates stasis.
Undone, the desire returns to fuel creation.
If Eden had been perfect,
We would not have been created.


Thinking the unthinkable (17/1/02)

Thinking the unthinkable;
Surfing alternate realities
Only to find
That I’ve found the best of them.
I still hope for what isn't mine –
Can't be mine in this reality,
But can be visited in dreams.


A Fleeting Glance (17/1/02)

A fleeting glance, an overlong look
Can be transformed into an unlimited future.
Not probable, hardly possible, yet consoling –
The impossible tastes sweet.
Reality can be bitter, but at times ecstatic –
You know you’ve chosen the right path.

Every look, every glance has its purpose:
You can be noticed, cut to size, dismissed, loved, desired.
The challenge is to understand them,
But not be preoccupied by their portents.

Timing is the key.
The right look at the right time can change the future “
Mis-timing spawns those elusive alternate realities
Which, however attractive, bring their own difficulties.

A knowing glance across the room:
Important and impotent –
A glimpse of what cannot be;
What will not be.
Why is it so enticing? Why is it unattainable?
Impossible pleasures lead likely to pain and misery.

Recognized as fantasy,
They can be enjoyed and cherished –
Memories created and re-lived,
Even though they never occurred.


To Be Nowhere (9/5/84)

to be nowhere
to think nothing
to close your eyes
and see all