S T E P H E N   F E R R E


4 Meditations



I am a Stranger

The Red Ritual

When the Rain Comes, Gently


Published Short Stories:

The Year of Macaroni and Cheese (short story), Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble, issue 3, spring 2012
reprinted in Wulfstan’s Miscellany, v2/3, Iconoblast, Cirencester, England, 2012.

2057 (short story), Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble, issue 1, March 2011
reprinted in Wulfstan’s Miscellany, v1, Iconoblast, Cirencester, England, 2012.

Gael-huinn (short story), Absent Willow Review, February 2011 (website discontinued)

Compulsion (short story), Deliver Us from Evil, Jaded Silence Press, 2007 (out of print)